The Vision Re-Education Center was founded in 1977 by Dawn Rose. The Center has helped thousands of people achieve improved vision. The Center is dedicated to improving vision through the use of an array of techniques that are tailored to the individual.

At the Center, vision is not thought of in isolation as only the biological systems in the eyes. Vision is part of a complex set of factors, including psychological, spiritual and emotional.

The holistic approach at the Center incorporates a variety of integrated therapies. After a complete assessment of your current vision, Dawn Rose creates a comprehensive and individualized action plan for each client and works with each client one-on-one in a relaxing, rejuvenating, and private setting.

If you are prepared to expand your knowledge of how vision works and embark on a journey to improve your vision through an approach that incorporates mind, body and spirit, join us at the Center.


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At the age of 9 Dawn Rose received her first pair of glasses. Due to Dawn’s dramatically worsening vision while wearing the glasses, Dawn’s mother sought out different methods to improve Dawn’s vision. This was Dawn’s first experience with vision therapy. After starting vision therapy, Dawn’s vision has returned to normal and she has not needed any glasses since.

Dawn’s positive experience with vision therapy as a child created a desire in her to learn more about vision therapies that did not rely on correcting vision through the use of corrective lenses or surgery. Since that early childhood experience, Dawn has worked with ophthalmologists, optometrists, vision therapists and many others to learn as much as she can about the different techniques that can be used to improve eye sight. While Dawn has become familiar with medical treatments based on the anatomy of the eye, she has also developed an understanding that vision and vision therapy involve much more than anatomy, it is a function of the whole person, mind body and spirit. In 1977 Dawn’s experiences culminated in the founding of the Vision Reeducation Center. This Center was a place to both work with people to improve their vision through training and education, and to research new and better vision therapies. Beginning in the late 1970’s the Center offered a 3-year vision training college.

Dawn continues to be dedicated to helping each client find the perfect mix of therapies for his or her condition in a one on one atmosphere, by combining various techniques unique to each client with a goal of treating the person as a whole. Dawn’s beliefs regarding the importance of developing a vision program based on each person’s individual needs stems from her determination that 10% of vision problems are structural and 90% are psychological, spiritual and/or emotional which are necessarily unique to each client. Dawn’s clients include those with great vision who are trying to keep their vision at a high level (e.g., professional athletes and top gun pilots), as well as those people who are trying to improve their vision (e.g., children with learning disabilities and those individuals who have received severe injuries).

Dawn Rose has an unparalleled passion for vision improvement, and believes that true improvement can only come from a mutual exploration of each client’s special needs. Due to this customized approach, the treatment may be more cost effective than other methods that treat everyone with the same one-size fits all approach. Because Dawn has both a vast array of experience and methodologies at her disposal, she is able to optimize the effectiveness of each treatment for each client.