I first needed corrective lenses in 1959 at age 12. Over the years my my prescriptions became stronger and the lenses became thicker. It was necessary to add corrections for astigmatism which became worse and worse. By the time I met Dawn in the early 1980's, I was glad that plastic lenses had been invented, the glass ones were so thick and heavy. When my wife and I would go outside at night to look at the full moon, she would remark, “Isn't it beautiful?”, and I would remove my glasses and reply, “Yes, all nine of them”.

Dawn worked with me and reduced my prescription substantially. Since then, the most amazing thing is that I've kept the same weaker prescription, with no astigmatism correction for the last thirty some years. I'm looking, at age 74, to weakening the prescription further. Thank you Dawn, you taught me so much about caring for my eyes.

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