We noticed my daughter could not see the writings on a blackboard well when she was in the first grade. Immediately we checked in the Optometrist's to make a pair of glasses, not knowing other options. Maki was heavily far-sighted with astigmatism and required two type of thick glasses, one for normal activity and the other for reading. Shortly after she got her first glasses, Maki was consulted to receive a series of vision therapies to improve her vision from the same Optometrist and she finished it after 8 months, but it was not successful to take her glasses away. For next few years, she needed the glasses from dawn to dusk, even while playing sports. When Maki was in the 4th grade, we were referred to see Dawn Rose for her version of vision therapy once again. This time, much to my amazement, Dawn managed to take Maki's glasses only in a month and helped improve her vision to normal or even better than normal within a year.

Dawn explained one's vision issues so well from many different aspects that she opened my eyes. Dawn's knowledge about vision extends to the conditions of whole beings. Her vision therapy includes eye muscle training, cranial sacral, color therapy, affirmations, vibrational treatments, physical exercise, counseling and more.

Every time I look at Maki's pictures when she was wearing her glasses, I feel grateful we met Dawn.

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