I have worked with Dawn Rose over the last 10 years. When I came to her, I was at my wits end as I have been trying to find a solution to my vision issues my whole life. While her methods may appear unconventional, her results are outstanding. My last checkup with the ophthalmologist last year was fantastic! My vision and fusion with my eyes was pretty close to perfect (which is a far cry from where I started from). The thing that is most amazing about Dawn and what she does is the way she goes about it. Her calm demeanor, patient attitude, and continuous encouragement made a tremendous difference in my vision improvement. Through our work together, I have become more confident in what I can do and my self esteem has risen immensely (even when I am having a bad vision day). I work in the computer industry and for me to not require glasses is a phenomenal accomplishment (especially since my entire family has vision problems). I am forever grateful for being introduced to Dawn and our appointments are frequently the highlight of my day.

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